Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I have been getting glimpses of the mom I want to be peeking out of her hiding place. The mom who had spur-of-the moment dance parties, or the mom who plays with her kids and genuinely has fun doing it. The mom who is silly and can make her kids laugh.

I've been praying for help in this part of motherhood. I know it's in me, I'm a fun person, who likes playing pretend, and doing things that most kids like doing (play dough, coloring, dancing). But I've not really been able to let go and enjoy motherhood for a really long time. It feels so good to have fun with my kids. It feels so good to see their smile because I'm doing something with them that makes them smile. I'm grateful for grace, the Savior is making me more than I am, and renewing parts of me that have been hiding for a long time.


  1. It's definitely in there!! YOU are a fun person!!

  2. Love this little snippet of thought. ~Ruth

  3. Love this little snippet of thought. ~Ruth