Sunday, July 10, 2016

365 gratitude day 181

I'm grateful for the realization that I had today. Candid had a particularly hard day today. She is covered in inflamed mosquito bites, and cranky ad all get out. (I can't say that she wasn't justified... I get creaky when I'm uncomfortable like that)

But the realization I had today was that the sweet, funny Cambria that we get glimpses of is the real Cambria. All other snarky, cranky, defiant sides of her are her raging toddlerhood-ness, and will probably pass. It was good to remember that deep down she is a wonderful person to be around, it is just hard for her to control all the things she feels inside her body.

... Let's be honest here, I'm still working on controlling all the thing I feel inside too ;)

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